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Las Vegas is the tourist capital of the United States. Millions of people visit beautiful, sunny Las Vegas every single year. It’s a place to wine, dine and have a lot of fun gambling and either making or losing money on the slots. Because of its popularity, it’s no wonder so many people make it a habit to travel here every single year. It’s great for people and even kids of all ages, so there’s something for just about everyone to do. Unfortunately, with the high level of amenities and activities, comes the cost of vacationing directly in Las Vegas. It comes at no surprise to many travelers that their hotel is often the most expensive part of visiting the city.

Here are just a few ways that you can save money on a hotel in Las Vegas:

Travel During the Week and Avoid Weekends

Hotels offer their most affordable rates during the week and their most expensive rates on the weekend. A lot of people travel to Las Vegas throughout the year on weekend trips, so hotels cash in on this by hiking up their prices on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you want to get a good rate on a Las Vegas hotel, try to book the room during the week and see if this has any effect on the overall price that you’ll pay.

Know the Peak Season

As with any other tourist hot spot, Las Vegas has its peak season where it’s literally flooded with tourists. During this time, hotels charge the most for their hotels than you’d find any other time throughout the year. The peak season in Las Vegas is during the summer, often when school is out and people are able to vacation from work. If you want to save a decent amount of money on a Las Vegas hotel, consider traveling to the city during its off season, which is typically in September and October.

Compare Rates Online

Hotel rate sites are ideal for comparing multiple hotels all at once. These websites give you a thorough list of the available Las Vegas hotels in the area and which rooms they have vacant. You can see the price for each hotel using this convenient list instead of going from one hotel site to the next. Most of these travel sites even allow you to book the hotel online, making the process even easier for those on a time crunch.

Find Online Promotional Codes and Discounts

As with most other purchases, hotels offer promotional codes and discounts from time to time. By visiting their website or looking at a promo code page, you may be able to find something that offers a certain amount off your final booking price. These promo codes should be applied during the checkout process if you’re using the hotel or travel website.

Become a Hotel Frequent Traveler Member

A good majority of Las Vegas hotels offer frequent traveler perks. You will essentially become a member of their hotel club and can gain free nights and other discounts the more that you stay. These programs are almost always free for you to join, which is similar to becoming a member at your favorite local store. You won’t need to worry about annual fees and charges just to benefit from the perks the membership offers to you. Be sure to ask the hotel you’ll be staying at if they offer a membership club and if you are eligible to join.

Join a Slot Club

Because you’ll be staying in Las Vegas, it’s pretty apparent that slots are the big ticket win for most travelers. You can become a slot club member, which gives you access to all of the slots in any one particular casino. These casinos often have hotels attached to them, as you’ll find with Flamingos and Bally’s. If you become a slot club member, you may be able to get additional discounts on the hotel attached to the casino. This is beneficial because it saves you a ton of money and provides you with a way to reduce the amount you’re paying while staying in Las Vegas.

Give Yourself Time to Plan

The longer you take to plan your trip to Las Vegas, the better off you’ll be and the more money you’ll save. If you want to fly out to Las Vegas next week and are scrambling around to book a hotel, chances are you’re going to get the highest rate possible. However, if you have a feeling you’ll be taking a trip to Las Vegas at some point in the next few months, consider booking everything right now so that you get the best deals possible.

Understand Other Available Discounts and Utilize Them

Many a Las Vegas hotel offers discounts to seniors, students, military and even those with a membership to AAA. If you are any of these, make sure that you use your card to get these discounts. For instance, if you’re a student and the hotel you’ll be staying offers a discount to students, you’ll probably just have to show your college ID. The same goes for seniors, active military and individuals with a AAA membership. Saving on a hotel is easy when you’re able to make use of any of their available discounts and promotions when booking a room.