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Las Vegas, unlike other tourist destinations, is much different. Even though you will still find the Brooklyn Bridge and even the Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas is, indeed, in its own world. For first-time visitors, there a few tips and tricks you may want to keep in mind in order to keep your wallet full and memories great.

Luxury Will Not Mean Luxury in Some Cases

Even tough you will see the word “luxury” when booking your hotel, don’t plan on receiving the luxury treatments you’re used to if you’ve been pampered like this in the past. Unlike your cruise ships or five-star resorts, the term luxury, in Las Vegas terms, generally means higher-end restaurants, expensive landscaping and a nicer spa. You have to remember that some of these hotels can have more than 4,000 rooms, so don’t plan on the white glove service for every guest.

The Best Hotel Can Be the Newest One

Las Vegas, if you have paid close attention to the Strip over the years, is constantly changing. Newer hotels, which seem to pop up at least once per year, will always be trying to push the latest and greatest thing, meaning great discounts for first-time visitors due to the massive initial marketing budget. However, as the next big thing comes along, this hotel loses its budget, and, unfortunately, has to raise the prices to see a profit roll in.

Be Friendly

Of course, things may go wrong as with any other hotel experience. If you find yourself in this situation, keep your cool as most hotels, especially the nicer hotels, will send someone to resolve the issue immediately; however, if you find yourself yelling at the front desk staff or even over the phone, you could find yourself with some pretty large bouncers banging on your door. Keeping your cool will almost always resolve the issue.

Want to Beat the Crowds?

Starting on Thursday nights, Las Vegas starts to get incredibly busy. If you’re looking for the


busy club atmosphere and a packed Strip where you can barely move, then you will want to book your vacation from Thursday afternoon until Sunday; however, if you’re the type who wants to lounge around the pool, sip a few drinks at the bar and gamble in peace, then you will want to focus more on arriving late Sunday night and leaving by Wednesday afternoon. Keep in mind there are exceptions, though. For example, larger conventions or a holiday weekend can increase the crowd count.

Las Vegas Is Very Loud

If you have never been to Las Vegas before, don’t be shocked when you enter the lobby and find yourself surrounded by loud bars and clubs. You would think most people know this going in, but if you look at any popular review websites, you will find a myriad of complaints complaining about the noise throughout the night. If you’re a light sleeper

, ask the hotel to put you as far away as possible from the clubs, pool or any kind of area that generates a lot of noise. If they are able to accommodate your request, you should find yourself up on a higher floor, away from the madness.

Check the Mattress

This should be a habit you should get into before going to bed in any hotel room, and Las Vegas is no exception. Even the luxurious resorts, even though they may have a diligent housekeeping team, still needs to clean thousands of rooms per day, meaning some rooms may be looked over quicker than others. Checking your mattress will only take you a minute and could save your vacation.

Count on Those Resort Fees

Unfortunately, resort fees have become commonplace in Las Vegas, and there’s no way around them, especially at your higher-end hotels. These resort fees, usually paid at the front desk when checking in, will be displayed when booking your hotel room online. Even though you won’t be charged for the resort fees at the time of your reservation, be prepared to spend at least $20 to $30 per night. These resort fees, depending on the hotel you stay at, can range from a free shuttle to free Wi-Fi, but most of the time, it’s a ploy to rake in even more money. Granted, there are some hotels that won’t charge resort fees, and in some circumstances, you may be able to even waive them if you know how to negotiate.

Be Wary of Room Service

Room service, while available at almost hotels in Las Vegas on the Strip, can be hit or miss, depending on what you order and which hotel you’re staying at. Since it can be hard to manage a 4,000 room property, you may want to skip the room service and head to a restaurant downstairs. Room service, most of the time, will be expensive, it will be slow, and, by the time you receive your food, there’s a good chance it will be cold.

Las Vegas is always hustling and bustling, and it’s a fun place to visit at least once in your lifetime. Keeping these tips in mind can hopefully make your experience that much better.