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Finding an affordable hotel room while traveling can be more difficult than you think. Especially, due to the rise of daily rental rates across the United States, that have drastically increased in the past five years. However, in this article, we will help you score a cheap hotel room with our top 20 tips. Let’s get started!

1. Rent in the Middle of the Week

Weekends are the worst time in the week to book a hotel. Instead, you should look to book one anywhere from Tuesday to Thursday. Not only are there more room openings, but are much less expensive as well.

2. Keep an Eye out for Deals

There’s nothing worse than getting a great deal on a hotel and getting hit with large internet parking fees. Finding yourself a hotel that freely offers breakfast, internet, and parking should high property. After all, you can save hundreds on your trip when opting in for one.

3. Cash in Your Rewards

When traveling, you’re likely to be gathering points from your airline, hotel chain, or credit card company. Before you book your trip, be sure to cash in on those points for rewards such as a free hotel room. You’ll be surprised how many points you’ve collected over the years, and can help you save serious dough while traveling with your family.

4. Research Foreign Transaction Fees

When you book a hotel in a different country, you could be hit with foreign transaction fees that can add up on your reservation. To reduce these fees, make sure you do plenty of research on using the best type of credit card to book your hotel. Plus, using sites such as or of


fer coupons that you can use to reduce your booking costs.

5. Use an App

If you’re in a bind with booking an expensive hotel, try downloading mobile apps such as Expedia or HotelTonight. These kinds of hotel-finding apps can help you locate rooms at half the normal cost to help budget-inclined travelers.

6. Use Your Memberships

Adding up your credit card points are the only way to score some great rewards, you can also get reward offers from your memberships. Companies such as AAA or AARP offer their members hotel room discounts and traveling coupons to help cut costs.


7. Check With Your Warehouse Club

Warehouse Clubs such as Costco offers a variety of inclusive offers on hotels and flights for their members. For members, all you have to do is check your desired travel site and see if your discounts apply to the flight or hotel you are booking.

8. Benefit From Driving

A lot of people don’t know that they can save on hotels by simply driving. Your insurance company may have inclusive discounts for the number of miles you are driving that you can use to pay off a hotel room booking,

9. Join a Hotel-Based Loyalty Program

Large hotel chains offer types of loyalty programs that you can sign up for and gain rewards for the number of times you book with them. For example, Best Western off


ers its members nearly 10 percent each time they book with them. Use these rewards programs to your benefit to help reduce your travel costs.

10. Look for Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, hotels don’t generally offer up coupons to their occupants. But, with a simple Google search, you are more than likely to find plenty of coupons to use when booking. In


fact, Coupon Sherpa offers a 40 percent off coupon when booking with

11. Purchase Discount Gift Cards

Gift cards are more than to just buy coffee, on sites such as, you can find yourself discounted gift cards that you can use to help lower your hotel room cost. Additionally, gift cards discounted for more than nearly 16 percent at

12. Use Your Credit Card

We’re not telling you to get into serious credit debt, but the more you use your credit card, the more exclusives you will get. For example, MasterCard offers their members 10 percent off when booking through when booking with their credit card.

13. Sign Up for the Hotel’s Credit Card

Though they may not have great interest rates, a hotel credit card can get you a lot of great rewards like an automatic upgrade or a free night.

14. Ask If They Can Do a Price Match

You can get a price match on more than just your new TV. Though they may not advertise it, a lot of hotels will match the price of their competitors if you ask. You can do the same with third party websites too.

15. Choose Your Amenities

Though you may think that every hotel will have basic amenities, this is not always the case in Europe. European hotels do not always come with queen sized beds, private bathrooms, or towels. Before you start to fret, you can use this to your advantage. You can save a lot of money by only choosing the amenities you need. There are some budget hotels in Europe that allow you to pay a low base rate and then go a la carte for add-ons like towels and daily housekeeping.

16. Find an Apart-Hotel

This sort of hotel is often found throughout Europe. They are serviced apartments that usually come with small kitchens. Though they may cost more upfront, the amenities can help you save more. Also, discount codes are common for this sort of hotel.

17. Pick a Room at a Business Hotel

Though they may not offer all the same amenities as a regular hotel or resort, you can save a bit of money by renting a room in a business hotel. In fact, business hotels are often less busy during popular vacation times like on the weekends and during the summer. If you book at those times, you can usually score a good deal.

18. Find A Vacation Rental

Occasionally, you can find a better deal when looking for a vacation rental rather than a hotel. Plus, if you find a last minute deal, you can often haggle for an even lower price.

19. Purchase Somebody Else’s Reservation

The website connects travelers looking for a discount with others who purchased hotel reservations and can no longer use or cancel them. You can usually find a lot of deep discounts on hotel rooms, up to 74%.

20. Check into Your Hotel Late

If you wait until later on in the day to check into your hotel, you may be able to get a better room for the same price. After the hotel has checked in the majority of the guests for the night, they may be able to upgrade you to a better room at no cost.